Anyone who appreciates fabulous food, knows how lucky we are to live in Sonoma County! We can grow anything — and due to our weather — mostly year-round!

Why not buy seasonal and local? 

We at Champagne Taste Caterers are dedicated to providing our clients with the most incredible "real" food on this planet — mostly picked in our own backyard. Never boring! A magical experience for your taste buds!

Marta May

How to choose a caterer..........

The first thing should be the FOOD...Of course.

What is important to you about the food? 
Are you concerned about what you serve your friends?
Are you concerned about what you eat?

I'll tell you a story....I once helped a caterer friend of mine do an event for which he was charging only 25 cents per person. There were three thousand guests expected to hear a famous singer from the 60s sing. We served those people canned salsa, chips with hydrogenated oil, and I think small sandwiches made with a mixture of Spam and cream cheese on white bread. The beverage was Hawaiian punch.........The one that comes in powder!
They loved it. They were all too stoned to care.

You will never hear about an event Champagne Taste has produced where the food served is not of the highest quality. Even if the budget is low, nutrition should never be ignored. 
If your guests fall sleep after their meal, there will be no dancing!
Is the caterer passionate about their product?
So, choose the caterer by what food details are important to you.

Secondly, EXPERIENCE...never independently from the first.
Let's face it, when a caterer is doing a "Road Show" something is going to go wrong at one point or another. If the caterer has never "experienced it" before and the staff is not well trained, a possible disaster can occur and it will ruin your party.
If anything ever goes wrong, Champagne Taste Caterers are going to handle it, and you and your guests will never find out about it.

Our staff has been with us a long time......which leads me to point number three.......How well trained is that staff? It seems like a question you do not want to ask, but you can soften the effect by asking where does your staff come from? Or how long have they been with you? Are they food certified?
The highest cost of a catering event is the staff. If, the staff is not treated well their morale reflects it. When people are having fun at their job, they are happier and do a better job.
Champagne Taste is a co-op of friends. We work together like a well oiled machine. I own the company, which just means that I know more about the event than the rest of the staff...But without them, there is no Champagne Taste Caterers!

We, the staff of Champagne Taste are at the event to share our expertise, to attend to your needs and those of your guests.
When you hire us, you are going to have an incredibly beautiful and pleasant event; One that you, your family and friends with remember warmly the rest of your lives.

What better way to start your married life than with good memories of your wedding? A wedding where all details that are important to you are handled by someone else so that the Bride and Groom can just dedicate themselves to each other......It can happen, and sooooo many people have experienced it just by hiring Champagne Taste Caterers.

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